About Me

Hello, and welcome to The Olivia Mantra! I’m glad you’re here!


I’m Olivia Lauren and I’m a freelance writer and blogger currently residing in Detroit with my husband.

For the last few years, I have been on the pursuit to live a life worth reading about, and in doing so, creating a lifestyle that allows me to spend more time focusing on the things I love.

The Olivia Mantra centers on all things that inspire, motivate and encourage others – along with myself – to embrace our truest self and live a more intentional life. Here on my blog, you can expect to find a mix of lifestyle tips, personal stories, travel adventures, healthy habits and just about everything in between.

I guess you could call me a mix of a lifestyle and personal blogger – a hybrid, if you will – venturing around the world of blogging.

As I dive deeper into my own personal mantra, I have found that staying curious, being present and traveling often are the key to staying inspired and living an authentic life. These three concepts make up a big portion of this blog, and I encourage those reading to seek out what motivates you to grow and stay in tune with your values and desires along the way.

How I Got Here: My Story 

In the wake of starting this blog, I experienced many moments of hesitation, doubt and fear. Naturally, I let many of these factors hold me back at first, but my intentions for getting here is what pushed me forward to creating something that could potentially inspire many people.

The real big push though came in the most unexpected way.

It took taking a job I wasn’t passionate about – and honestly didn’t want – to lead me here. To put this in better perspective, it was actually my second day on the job that the entirety of this blog idea hatched and started coming together.

Before the push to really get started came, I had found myself merely going through the motions of my day until I could come home and completely shut down both mentally and physically. As thankful as I was for the opportunity to learn a new skill in my field that I might not have explored otherwise, I had reached a point in my life where I felt extremely numb. For someone who has so much joy for life, I found myself drowning in my own negativity and complaints that it was a rare occasion when I came up for air.

It honestly took reaching my breaking point – a few for that matter – for me to realize that this idea I had that second day on the job could be something to pull me out of my own darkness.

For You & For Me

As I continue my journey to explore and build upon my mantra, I’m also writing in hope that others might find comfort, humor or even similarities in my words.

My goal is to inspire those reading to reach outside of your comfort zone, give light to what fuels you and maybe provide a few laughs along the way. So again, if you love lifestyle suggestions, stories of personal growth and realizations, trying out new things, traveling to places you’ve never been before or reading about healthy practices to improve your life, you’ll feel right at home here.

Get To Know Me A Little Better. Fun Facts!

When I’m not writing, you will most likely find me dancing. Seriously though! I find that my mind works best when I’m always moving, especially in moments where I decide to dance it out randomly. Some call it insane. I call it GENIUS!

I’ve always considered myself an empath. I’m someone who can feel other people’s emotions deeply as if they were my own, but on the other hand I can hit you with my sass real fast – it’s called balance.

I have the tendency to leave one bite of food left on my plate. My husband is convinced that it’s my serial killer trait, but don’t worry we all have one. (totally normal)

I’m a huge movie buff! I spend an exuberant amount of time researching and tracking various projects – as early as the development stage – in the film industry. I even have an amateur film critic account that I post on from time to time.

Some of my favorite things include:

  • Reading – particularly two or three books at a time
  • Listening to an endless amount of podcasts
  • Enjoying a good cup of coffee
  • Being near water (it’s where I feel most calm)
  • Practicing mindfulness and yoga on a regular basis
  • Drinking a glass – or three – of red wine
  • Obsessing over corgis and sloths because they are the cutest
  • Traveling to places I’ve never been before
  • Learning something new every day

This list could probably go on forever, but what you really need to know about me is that I am an active spirit that rests for no one

Let’s Talk!

Whether you stumbled upon this blog accidentally, you visit my page quite often or you’re a friend of mine here to support me – thank you for coming!

If you want to work with me or ask me a question, you’re more than welcome to get in touch. Visit my contact page to find out how to reach me!

Stay curious, be present and travel often.