Trader Joe's turmeric spice used to make the golden paste.

If 2016 taught me anything, it was how to take care of my body.

In all honestly, 2016 will partially be remembered as the year of various health issues for me. From problematic digestive issues to dealing with extreme sciatica pain, there were some days I felt like a 24-year-old woman trapped inside the body of a 90-year-old.

Digestive issues aside, I had developed a tremendous amount of sciatic pain in my left leg that it was a miracle if I made it through the whole day without completely falling apart.

After spending months experiencing unbearable pain, crying myself to sleep most nights and beginning to believe that my body was truly failing me, I knew I had to figure out a solution and FAST.

When the Sciatica Pain Began

I vividly remember when the pain initially started. It was mid-January, and I had just started a new job that had me sitting way more than I preferred. As I spent more time bound to my chair, I started to develop some strange habits to get comfortable sitting for most of the day. It became a common theme for me to tuck my left foot under my right thigh for hours at a time. For someone who has sat like this plenty of times before, I honestly didn’t think sitting this way would necessarily cause any major issues.

But boy, was I wrong.

After spending weeks sitting this way, I woke up one morning unable to get out of bed without screaming out in agonizing pain. It felt as if my entire left leg – hip to foot – was being shocked, burned and stabbed all at the same time.

OK, now I know that sounds dramatic, but that’s essentially what it felt like it.

Feeling completely blind-sided by this pain and not knowing the root of the problem, I popped a few Ibuprofens just to get out of the door that morning.

Side note: If any of you have ever experienced sciatic nerve issues or something similar to it, you almost feel as if you have zero control over your body once the pain sets in.

There were many days and nights where I was in so much discomfort it didn’t matter how many pain relievers I took, I felt completely immobilized from any form of movement. I spent countless nights in bed sobbing from the amount of pain my leg was getting jolted with that I would just lay there until my body finally gave into the idea of sleep.

Days of being in excruciating pain soon turned into weeks, which quickly turned into months.

This pain was real, and it was ruthless.

How I Initially Tried To Fix My Sciatica

From the beginning, my idea of a quick turnaround was to take a few Ibuprofens and call it good, but like most anti-inflammatory drugs it was just acting as a bandage covering up a much larger issue.

Trying to avoid relying on Ibuprofen altogether, I began to try just about anything to mask even a sliver of the pain I was experiencing.

Here are some of the more natural approaches I took:

  • Yoga
  • Daily exercise
    • A mixture of light jogging and cardio if I could manage.
  • Massages
    • This option feels fantastic in the moment, but it usually resulted in a flare-up right afterward (at least for me it did). If I gave it a few days though, most of my pain would subside or disappear for about a week or two at a time.
  • Foam roller and lacrosse ball
    • Both of these options helped work out some of the more intense pressure that built up after being on my feet all day.
  • Topical
    • Tiger Balm was a lifesaver when I needed some instant relief.
  • Ice and heat therapy 
    • Another form of instant relief.
  • Changing my eating habits 
    • This involved reducing my intake of foods that spur inflammation, and modifying my diet to an anti-inflammatory one.

While most of these methods helped in some way or another, nothing was actively taking away the pain completely. I knew I wanted to take every natural approach I could to heal my body first and foremost before I even considered other costly and potentially harmful alternatives (e.g. steroid injections or surgery).

Let’s just say I’m glad I took this route because it lead me to finding the HOLY GRAIL of all cures.

All Hail The Golden Paste

First off, I must thank my husband for listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast religiously because it was on one of Rogan’s segments – with episode guest, Vinny Shoreman – that my husband found the answer to my sciatica issue.

To sum up this particular podcast segment (around the 40:38 minute mark in case you’re interested in listening), Shoreman explains how he tried to find an alternative way to deal with his arthritis pain, and how a friend of his had mentioned taking turmeric. The conversation eventually lead him to come across a Facebook turmeric user group that specifically talked about consuming this thing called the “golden paste” to clear up any and every inflammation issue.

Long story short, I looked up this golden paste and read through multiple accounts on how other people found the relief they had been searching for, so much so that some of these individuals were able to get off other various medication they had been taking for years.

If I wasn’t sold before reading these success stories, I definitely was after.

So, what is this golden paste you might ask?

  • Turmeric Powder
  • Water
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • One of the following oils: Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (my personal preference), Virgin/Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Flaxseed Oil.

I’ll be frank, as you can already imagine this does not in any shape or form taste good; it’s actually quite off-putting. However, the magic that is this paste is definitely worth the few seconds of disgust.

To make it a tad more bearable to consume, some people will add it to their meal, smoothie or even milk to break it down a little easier. Now if you’re someone who lives to eat like me, then this might not cut if for you. My theory is I would rather get it down in a few easily forgotten seconds versus over the course of a meal or drink.

There are many different opinions on how much of this you should take each day, but this is what I found worked best for me.

I started with one tablespoon on its own every morning for about a month, and it was really as simple as that.

Within the first few days of taking this paste, I noticed a tremendous difference. It was almost as if my sciatica had disappeared completely. Despite feeling cured after a few days, I continued taking a tablespoon of this almost every day out of fear that my pain would come back if I stopped. Eventually I got it dwindled down to twice a month, to once a month, to not taking it for months at a time now.

Now I must mention, I am not a doctor and I can’t say that this will 100 percent work for you like it did for me, but if you feel like you have exhausted all ends trying to find a natural cure for your sciatica or any other inflammatory issue, then I would give this a solid shot.

Fast Forward To Now, Pain-Free

For the most part, I am completely pain-free.

I still experience occasional flare-ups here and there, but for the most part the pain is nothing compared to what I used to experience. Also, the minute I make another batch of this paste, I’m back to normal.

Regardless if this has all been one big placebo effect or if it actually does work, it’s an extremely cheap and easy way to get amazing results. I’m still in shock with how quickly it worked. I never expected a quick fix, but that’s exactly what I got!

Between the use of this golden paste and getting more serious about practicing yoga and stretching daily, I really did find the cure to my sciatica.

Stay curious, be present and travel often!