Slider photo of Olivia Lauren facing art in a public space.

We all have a mantra.

From an early age to this very present moment, we all carry around a word or series of words that both motivate and inspire us to be our best self. Even if we are not consciously aware of what our mantra is, we all have one.

For me, it wasn’t until recently that I became fully aware of what mine was. Whenever I’ve been at my lowest points, it has been there to remind me of everything I’m essentially working toward and living for. In some way or another it has created a space for me to stay inspired, forge my own path and push through any of life’s obstacles along the way.

It’s both in moments of clarity and doubt that I keep these three things in mind as I go about living a more authentic life.

Stay Curious

When are we done learning?

The answer, NEVER.

While the urge to stop learning sometimes comes to a pause after we leave school, for some individuals there is a strong desire to continue consuming this completely different knowledge base well beyond the educational system we were bound to all those years.

It’s the concept of lifelong learning, and being curious about the various mysteries of the world that has given me a whole new outlook and meaning on how I want to spend my days.

I really have my Grandmother to thank for sparking this fuse in me at such a young age. A practice like this taught early on has not only held a lot of significance in my life, but it has paved the way for how I go about exploring new ideas and experiences along the way.

Even when its been easy to make excuses putting off trying something new for something a little more familiar, there is something about keeping that childlike curiously alive in us that essentially keeps you moving forward and growing as an individual.

Whether it’s reading up on a topic I once knew nothing about, staying open to a new perspective to adapt into my daily life or stumbling upon a new project or hobby I want to try, there is an unlimited extent of opportunities to try and learn something new every day.

We are never done learning, and when we think we are; are we really even living?

Be Present

If there is one thing I never want to take for granted, it’s being fully present.

Because once that moment is gone, we don’t get it back.

With how technically advanced our world is today, it’s extremely easy to get caught up in our various technological distractions and fast-paced lives that we often end up ignoring our current surrounding completely.

We don’t allow ourselves enough time to slow down or take a break to focus in on the present moment. We allow days, months and years to fly by, all while we sit around and wonder where the time went and why we feel like we haven’t truly started living our life yet.

We don’t thank ourselves for our breath, our health, or for the fact that we are alive and are given the chance to experience everything as it is in this moment.

Shoot, we hardly even engage in a full conversation with the people standing right in front of us because we are either too busy living in our heads, are completely consumed living through our phones or are moving so fast through the day we can’t stop and give someone even a minute of our undivided attention.

Why do we do that?

I know I’m guilty of all of this, and will be the first to admit it.

Between moments of brief manic episodes, dealing with my somewhat overbearing anxiety and overthinking just about every and any situation, I’ve really only had myself to blame for not being fully present in times I wish I had been.

As responsible as I am for letting my thoughts control what’s on my mind, the moments that I’ve felt true happiness has been when I practiced daily mindfulness, spent more time doing what I love and put away technology to develop memories away from a screen.

In the end, never underestimate the power of being fully present. You’ll thank yourself later.

Travel Often

Despite many of life’s obligations, there is one thing we are not meant to do as humans, and that’s to stay in one place.

While most people will agree that traveling can be found somewhere near the top of their bucket list, how many of us actually make it happen? I get it – we have jobs, financial binds, family ties and other various commitments, but why do we make excuses for not traveling when we decide to splurge on things we don’t need the next day?

As much as I love the comfort of my home and the safety net it supplies for me, I find it vital for us as humans to step outside of our comfort zones to experience a part of the world we’ve never seen before. I believe traveling somewhere new can open up a portal for us to learn more about ourselves then we ever would staying put in one place.

With traveling becoming the focal point to achieving what I desire most in life, I’ve made a promise to myself to always visit somewhere new at least once a year. Whether it’s traveling to another state, visiting a national park or gearing up for another trip outside of the United States, I will always be a big advocate for saving your money and traveling as much and as often as you can.

When it comes down to it, you will never regret taking the time and money to see a part of the world you once knew nothing about.

What’s Your Mantra? 

If you’re reading this maybe you find that your mantra lines up closely with mine. Maybe it inspires you to consider what yours is. Or maybe you just accidently stumbled upon this blog post and have no idea how you even ended up on my page – don’t worry, it happens to me all the time too girl.

Either way, I’m glad you stuck around to read what I couldn’t wait to write and share with you.

It’s never too late to rewrite your story, or start living the life you always envisioned for yourself. Whatever your mantra may be, live it to your fullest. Even if you’re not sure what your mantra is, we all have something unique to share with the world, and what we choose to do with it is all up to us.

Stay curious, be present and travel often.