It’s only been a few days into the new year, and as I finish up my 200-hour yoga teacher training, a majority of my attention has been drawn to doing some heavy self-reflection and internal maintenance. These last few weeks have caused me to dig up some dark, deeply repressed thoughts and emotions I wasn’t prepared for, but knew I needed to face.

With it being a new year, I’ve been looking ahead not only on what I need to work on internally, but also where I’m heading next in life and who I want to be.

I’ve always been a goal-oriented person. As cliché as it sounds, each year feels like a fresh start to develop new goals and create a list of all I want to do and accomplish for the next twelve months. While I love setting goals for myself and find it important to stay curious with what I want to do next, doing this alone isn’t enough.

Something I’ve come more in tune with recently is setting intentions for myself that will not only help me work toward my goals, but also help align my entire being with my true authentic self. Similar to when you are in a yoga class and you are asked to set an intention for your practice, the real question always presents itself with how you can extend this offering off of your mat and into your daily life. I often think about how easy it is to forget about the intention I had just set for myself a couple of hours ago and how much it’s needed in other realms of my life beside just in yoga.

Maybe I’ve got a lot of yoga on the brain lately, but nevertheless, this year I’m focused on setting intentions that I not only want to carry throughout my day, but throughout my life as well. While I intend to drink more water, read more books, practice more yoga and eat less sugar, I wanted to trudge through some of these more surface level intents (not to discredit those because they are still important) to some more deeply rooted ones calling out for my attention.

How to Go About Setting Intentions for Yourself

Sometimes to set the best intentions, you have to start by being honest with yourself and what you want. This may involve asking some fairly important questions regarding what you need to change to keep moving forward in the right direction. As I was mapping out my intentions for the year, this is what helped me stay in the right mindset:

  1. Be clear and concise with the words you choose. The way you speak to yourself does matter, so if your intentions are full of negative words aimed to drag down your own character, then you’ll just keep knocking yourself down before you can get back up.
  2. Equally important, don’t force an intention if your heart isn’t in it. If you don’t believe in it, then the purpose behind your intent will be completely lost and ruined. Keep integrity with the intentions you set for yourself.
  3. Allow room for your intentions to grow and evolve with you. Some may stay the same, some may change as you do and some new ones may pop up along the way. Either way, always keep an open heart toward your intentions.

This year I am actively peeling away the layers and surrendering to who I once was to become the person I was always intended to be. I plan to prioritize myself to not only take the time to grow, to learn and to heal, but also to better myself along the way.

My Intentions For 2019 & So On:

  • Be clear with what you want
  • Embrace change, let go of what no longer serves you
  • Appreciate everything, take nothing for granted
  • Every day is a new and different sun, and with that you’re allowed to start over
  • Participate in life again, start showing up for yourself
  • Less self-doubt, your voice is a powerful tool and what you say does matter
  • Push past uncertainty, trust yourself and know that you will find your way
  • Choose to be less reactive, and more mindful of your actions
  • Protect your energy, give light to what deserves it
  • Chase what ignites that fire within you, and create a more meaningful life

Make It Real: Write That Shit Down

Something I found helpful in the process, was to write these intentions down somewhere I would be forced to see them every day. It’s a fairly logical solution, but either way it makes it much more real when you bring your thoughts to paper and place it somewhere you are guaranteed to read it over and over again.

Another solution that I found helpful while mapping out everything was with my passion planner. It is seriously one of the best things to ever exist. Besides just keeping me generally organized, this planner is really a great place to declutter your headspace, break down your goals and intentions and reflect each month on where you are at in life and what you are working toward.

Honestly, anything that is going to help you check in with yourself daily on your intentions is one of the best things you could do for yourself. I say this because it’s not enough to just set an intention, write it down and never think about it again. Once you decide what you want for yourself, you have to make it a priority and work on it every single day. If you don’t, then these intentions are nothing more than words on paper.

Live Each Day With Intention

There is a lot of power behind setting intentions for yourself, especially when you are clear on what you want. I think every intention sets into motion a conscious wave of energy that manifest itself somewhere out in the universe to meet you wherever you are at and take the journey with you. It’s up to you though to take that helping hand, and roll with it fully. Life will always be full of ups and downs, but no matter where you find yourself in any given moment, bring it back to what you promised yourself.

As I go about my intentions, I know they are exactly the vibe I’m looking to create for my life. I am no longer interested in entertaining negative energy, from others or from myself. In both the good and the bad, I am investing in myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am making room for the things that matter. I am forging a new path for myself. I am writing the action plan of my life. But most importantly, I am choosing myself above all else.

Stay curious, be present, travel often!